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The RUBY helmets
the use of Carbon fiber

The Ruby helmets are made in Xiamen City, China, in the middle of Torch new Tech park, which holds a very mature industry in the field of composite materials.
Our helmets are ECE.22.05 approved and will satisfy the DOT standards if we take American customers’ orders as well as the JIS standard if we take Japanese clients’ orders

The application of Carbon fibers is a heritage from the aviation and space industries.

Its characteristics made it a breakthrough material for those industries, as it provides maximum stability at lowest possible weight.

This «black gold», as it is often called, consists of fibers which are 1/8 as thick as a human hair. Bundles of these fibers (usually up to 24,000) are used to manufacture carbon mats, just as in the textile production. These are then hardened by a special procedure with fluid resin under pressure and high temperature.

The result is an extremely robust material with its typical carbon fiber structure as seen for instance on bikes, car parts and of course Les Ateliers Ruby helmets.
Today, due to its unique characteristics, especially with regards to weight and rigidity, carbon has made its way into all kind of industries and is even used for everyday consumer products.

With our craftmaship and know-how as well as the advantages of this ideal material, our Ruby helmets remain very light and comfortable, while guaranteeing maximum safety