Les Ateliers Ruby are celebrating their fifth anniversary with the release of their first full-face helmet: the Castel.

Back in october 2007, the first pavillon helmet by les ateliers ruby appeared in a shop off la rue Saint-Honoré in paris.

A year and a half after that Jérôme Coste unveiled his second creation: the Belvedere helmet, with a retro-futuristic visor.

Over 5 years a run of new collections have been released with these two models interpreted into 286 versions, as well as into limited editions and also a few one-off pieces.

Today, for their landmark anniversary, the family is growing again with the arrival of the ruby castel, intended to provide you with even greater protection.

Jérôme Coste envisioned this as a full-face version of the classic Pavillon helmet, refined and made deliberately without a visor*, to be worn with glasses.

Castel: when Evel Knievel meets James Hunt on friday the 13th!

A helmet with character and soul that will leave no-one unstirred.
Only the wide chin piece altars the original shape designed to reflect the image of the full-face helmet we all have in our collective unconscious.

From today the Castel can be discovered in our paris shop just off la rue Hérold, and also throughout the world in around a hundred official ruby dealers who run for this strongheaded.

*The Eclipse peak currently available for the pavillon can be adjusted to fit the castel.
A "car race" peak version with a sun shade and fixed screen, including buttons to press and a removable screen, will be launched in the next few weeks.
A full-face version intended for superior speed will also be unveiled on the first semester of 2013.